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The San Francisco Business Times explored current and projected housing construction in this recent article titled “S.F. will see more new apartments in 2016 than it has for decades. Can it build its way out of the housing crisis?”

As BUILD’s Lou Vasquez helps explain in the article, while the city has produced more housing in 2016 than at any other point in recent decades, this is an anomaly that does not appear to be a lasting phenomenon and will have minimal impact on housing costs. The rent incentives being offered in new buildings are a short-term tactic to expedite initial leasing and likely will not impact the rest of the rental market. 

Read the full article here, and then the follow-up article “Will rising construction costs choke the Bay Area’s development pipeline”, where Lou also comments on how the region’s astronomical construction costs are choking off further housing development and will contribute to much lower home construction numbers in coming years.