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In this San Francisco Chronicle article, J.K. Dineen explores BUILD’s project at India Basin by visiting the site, talking to neighbors, and learning about the plan. BUILD is very proud of the project which, as Dineen mentions, grew out of the community vision developed by the India Basin Neighborhood Association (IBNA).

The article quotes a couple IBNA neighbors with whom BUILD has worked over the last several years:

Jill Fox: “What Build Inc. is proposing is an awful lot of housing. But what we are hoping is that along with that will come some things that the existing neighborhood needs.”

“Very few developers are willing to work with the neighborhood like these guys did,” Hamman said. “They actually listened to our concerns and incorporated many of them into the project. On balance, most people feel we got a good bargain.”

It also mentions strong support from local supervisor Malia Cohen and some concerns from neighbors regarding the associated density and heights that the plan includes.

India Basin had its first Planning Commission hearing on Thursday, July 26th, where the commission unanimously approved the Environmental Impact Report and Special Use District for the project.