Place Lab


Place Lab is a non-profit venture dedicated to innovating the public place-making process through creative institutional, physical, and policy design.  Originally founded as UP Urban Inc. in 2012 by business partners Loring Sagan, Lou Vasquez, and Michael Yarne of BUILD., UP's stated mission was to, "forge vibrant communities from impaired urban land through creative public private partnerships."  Place Lab has worked with BUILD on public plazas associated with our One Oak, O&M, and 1532 Harrison projects.

Place Lab has a strong track record of innovation and successful implementation of new models for public space delivery and maintenance, working collaboratively with cities, neighborhoods and the real estate development community to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Today, Place Lab works to foster better public place-making through three strategies: creating new public spaces; sustaining existing public spaces by empowering communities; and advising cities to create policies that deliver healthy public spaces.   

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