SF Wellness and Arts Pop-Up @ 1500 Market St.

Hayes Valley & Market Street, San Francisco

September 29th, 2015

On the corner of Van Ness Avenue and Market Street, something special is brewing above the All Star Café, and it’s not coffee. In September 2015, in the office space above the humble café that’s charmed San Franciscans for years, a non-profiteer social worker and hypnotherapist with a talent for nutrition and massage opened the SF Wellness and Arts Pop-Up.

Envisioned as a center for the healing arts, ranging from talk therapy and hypnosis to murals and massage, the SF Wellness and Arts Pop-Up is a place where clinical treatment is meant to intersect with the creative arts. Like any pop-up, it sprung up quickly and won’t be around forever—at least not at 1500 Market St.

The building that houses All Star Café and the SF Wellness and Arts Pop-Up is scheduled to be torn down sometime within the next six months to two years. Build, the developer heading the future deconstruction and its replacement with a luxury condo building, offered the office space at no cost to the two women with more than 15 years of experience in the healing arts, in hopes that something supportive of the San Francisco community might be created there.

The two founders, Abbie Zimmerman, LCSW, and Siri Scull, a certified hypnotherapist, nutrition counselor and chi nei tsang abdominal massage therapist, have created such a space.