Opera Warehouse

Dogpatch, San Francisco

Acquired: 2013 | Completion Date: March 2017 | Units: 338

Build helped the San Francisco Opera optimize the value of their real estate assets and, in partnership with Avalon Bay, entitled a 338-unit residential community that is now under construction in the Dogpatch neighborhood. This site was originally a warehouse where the Opera built and stored its sets. The 600-foot-long building inspired a creative design from architect Jon Worden that broke the block into five smaller sections separated by courtyards. The new design fits comfortably in the neighborhood, blocks the neighboring freeway and creates open spaces for residents.

In addition, Build has assembled a multidimensional design team, including Worden, Kava Massih, Peter Pfau and Owen Kennerly, to collaborate on various aspects of the building design in order to authentically weave distinction into the various buildings.