Homes at Esprit Park

Dogpatch, San Francisco

Acquired: 2004 | Completion Date: 2009 | Units: 147

The Homes at Esprit Park is a project that adaptively reused a 1906 brick warehouse— previously the Esprit de Corps headquarters. It created a mixed- use residential community adjacent to Esprit Park in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood.

Initially, the brick-and-timber buildings were seismically retrofit with the addition of an internal plaza and two six-story steel-framed buildings within the original building footprint. The end project included four five-story steel-frame buildings on a podium over two stories of underground parking. Salvaged timbers, trusses and other materials were recycled into the new construction.

Additionally, the surrounding streets were completely rebuilt to enhance the pedestrian experience and to introduce drought-tolerant planting and storm- water retention facilities in the public rights-of-way. The project also included 6,500 square feet of commercial space facing Esprit Park. It helped trigger the renaissance of the Dogpatch into one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Francisco.